As a working group of the Swiss Society of Cardiology, we promote the cause of echocardiography and cardiac imaging in a constantly changing world. Our mission is to ensure the best possible working conditions for cardiologists in Switzerland, so that all our patient can be treated based on current science and best professional skills. We are engaged in many areas, such as ensuring continuous education, developing standards, encouraging science and innovation, and advocating for expertise.

The Swiss Working Group for Echocardiography and Cardiac Imaging wants its numerous members to be heard. All members are welcome to participate to our surveys, engage with initiatives, or speak at our general assemby. 


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, de Marchi Stefano
  • Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/imagingssc 
New Name: Swiss Cardiac Imaging
, de Marchi Stefano
  • Survey Results
"Swiss Cardiac Imaging" our new name?
, Simon Stämpfli
  • Survey launched for all our members
, de Marchi Stefano
  • New website and admin tool launched by the Working Group
A close collaboration of SGK/SSC and SGUM/SSUM to assure high quality POCUS in Switzerland
, Simon Stämpfli
  • Ultrasound imaging techniques are on the rise. During the last years, many medical disciplines h...
Weiterbildungsprogramm und Schwerpunkte
, de Marchi Stefano
  • Das unter Einbezug der Weiterbildungsstättenleiter komplett revidierte Weiterbildungsprogramm wurde vom SIWF-Vorstand im September 2021 gutgeheissen.
Tadoc Verhandlungen am Laufen
, Simon Köstner
  • Die Tardoc Verhandlungen gestalten sich erwartungsgemäss schwierig.
The very low risk of myocarditis and pericarditis after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination should not discourage vaccination
, Philip Haaf
  • Position Paper of the Swiss Society of Cardiology (SSC), Working Group of Echocardiography and Cardiac Imaging of the SSC and the Swiss Society of Paediatric Cardiology


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