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Statutes of the Working Group


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Statuts (en français)


Statuti (italiano)




Recommendations for Evaluation of Prosthetic Valves With Echocardiography and Doppler Ultrasound


Recommendations for quality maintenance in echocardiography, SSC 2009


Editorial on echo recommendations, SSC 2009


EAE/ASE recommendations for echo assessment of valve stenosis, EJE 1/09


EAE/ASE recommendations for the evaluation of left ventricular diastolic function by echocardiography, EJE 2/09


EAE laboratory standards and accreditation


ASE Recommendations for Quantifictation of Valvular Regurgitation


ASE Recommendations for Chamber Quantification


ASE Recommendations for performance of Stress Echocardiography


ASE Recommendations for training in Stress Echocardiography


ASE Recommendations for quantification of Doppler Echocardiography


ASE Recommendations for the use of hand-carried ultrasound devices


Disinfection of TEE probes




Guidelines ESC-Acute and Chronic-HF-FT EHJ 2012


Guidelines_ESC Valvular_Heart_Dis_FT EHJ 2012


Guidelines JASE Echo 2011


Guidelines ESC Valvular regurgitation 1 Lancellotti EJE 2010


Guidelines ESC Valvular regurgitation 2 Lancellotti EJE 2010


Guidelines ARVD New Criteria Circ 2010


Guidelines ESC VD 2010


Guidelines TEE safety JASE 2010


Guidelines ESC Echo Diastolic Dysfunction EHJ 2009


Guidelines ASE Assessment of Valve stenosis JASE 2009


TEE et varices oesophagiennes JASE 2009


Guidelines TEE and Varices JASE 2009


Echo Contrast ASE Guidelines Clinical Applications of Ultrasonic agents JASE 2008


ASE Guidelines for training in TEE


Guidelines ESC Chamber-quantification Lang JASE 2005


ASE Guidlines for intraoperative TEE


Echokardiographie Richtlinien (german only)


ASE Guidelines for training in Echocardiography


Informed Consent Sheets


Einverständniserklärung für die transoesophageale Echokardiographie (german only)


Einverständniserklärung für die Stressechokardiographie (german only)


L'echocardiographie de stress (french only)


L'echocardiographie transoesophagienne (french only)


Membership Forms


Application Form for Membership


Form for Updates of a Member's Profile


EACVI Accreditation




Self Declaration Form


Declaration of continuous education and performance in Echocardiography

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